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her popular roast duck restaurants include Ya Wang (King Roast Du▓ck) and Li Qun, a courtyard restaurant. For a more Western-style Pe

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king Duck, many people visit Made in China, which offers a wide range of Chinese foods with a modern twist, with wines to match▓ them.浼氳瘽 A锛堟牎鍥噷銆傦級灏忔睙锛氬お濂戒簡锛佹垜浠幓鍝竴瀹讹紵灏忔睙锛氬ソ锛屾潕鑰佸笀锛屾槑(鍎▓?瑙侊紒Translation:(In the school grounds.)Xiao Jiang: Teac▓her Li, I hear

that Quanjude's roast duck is real▓ly delicious!Li Hong: Xiao Jiang, you haven't eaten roast duck yet? Haven't you heard the saying "You're not a her▓o if you haven't been to the Great Wall; you're full of regret if you haven't eaten roast duck!"Xiao Jiang: I'm not really a hero, but it ▓would be

a bit of a regret.Li Hong: How about this, tomorrow we go to Quanjude together to have roast duck, my treat.X▓iao Jiang: That's great! Which one should we go t▓o?Li Hong: Mm, let's go to the Hepingmen Roast Duck ▓Restaurant! That one is near the subway, it's convenient.Xi

  • The grand-daddy of them all, Bianyifang has just opened its latest branch by the 4th Ring Road in southwest Beijing, with both a modern and traditiona
  • Proin non velit nec enim volutpat euismod. Phasellus lorem velit, porttitor non iaculis in, euismod a metus. Nullam orci odio, dignissim a egestas ac, l dcor. It even has a Pe.
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ao Jiang: Teacher Li, I won't have any regrets tomorrow.Li Hong: Xiao Jiang, six o'clock tom

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orrow evening, be there or be square.Xiao Jiang:▓ OK, Teacher Li, see you tomorrow!Beijing

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roast▓ duck is thought to be one of the most delicious dish▓es all over the world; mos

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